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Welcome to the world of 360° beauty, a form of aubade of French elegance, designed by JOHAN YVON. In his professional career, he is a man of passion, in constant search of excellence in the luxury and beauty industry where he has evolved in France and abroad. From his travels, where he observed, felt, touched, he enriched himself with experiences and knowledge. This richness allows him, today, to be the designer, the creator, the craftsman of services and products that he wishes to share passionately with you. 

Johan Yvon has dedicated himself to skin care and anti-aging care through an unusual path for over sixteen years. Trained by pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic laboratories and trained in phytotherapy and aromatherapy, he is always on the lookout for new formulations and innovative associations. He does not hesitate to deepen his knowledge and his research has no limits.

From his time in North America, Johan has a vision of beauty outside the established standards. Referred by dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons, he has been interviewed by numerous magazines and has participated in several conferences as an anti-aging specialist. It is therefore natural that he creates his own products.

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Trousse 7 Pinceaux

Kit 7 Brushes

We have included seven brushes with small black handles in a magnetic case and with a zippered pocket. You will love this complete set for its style and performance.

Price €65.00
Mascara Waterproof

Waterproof Mascara

Joh Beauty by Johan Yvon Waterproof Mascara

Conditions and give volume, the unique formula create longer, thicker lashes. The exclusive formula and brush separate each eyelash. Long-lasting, no deposit

Price €23.50
Trio  JOH

Trio JOH Neutral Warm

Create a beautiful look with this Trio Eye Shadow palette. Whether it be daytime or playtime, this smooth and highly pigmented formula will last all day long. 

Price €32.00
HD Foundation

HD Foundation

Joh Beauty Fluid Foundation by Johan Yvon

Use: Apply the foundation on the back of your hand or an artist palette. Take a small amount of product with the Foundation brush. Starting from the center of the face, apply gently. Can also be applied with a sponge. For a nude result, mix your foundation with our base.

Price €40.00
Collection Mat Fin d'Eté

Collection Mat Fin d'Eté

Joh Beauty Late Summer Collection by Johan Yvon:*

Use: The product should be applied to bare and dry lips. For best performance always exfoliate the lips first, then moisturize

Price €28.00
Duo uo Shader/Smudger

Duo Shader/Smudger

The Duo Shader / Smudger Joh Beauty by Johan Yvon helps to apply and melt the eyeshadows skillfully.

For the face and the eyes.

Price €29.00