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Joh couture offers a wide range of luxury clothing, shoes and leather goods for men and women.

JOH couture

Discover our wide range of JOH couture products and find the product that suits you by consulting the page

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JOH beauty

Discover our wide range of JOH BEAUTY products and find the product that suits you by consulting the page.

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Joh beauty offers a wide range of make-ups, cosmetics and perfumes.

We also offer our makeup services for certain events such as a wedding or a photo shoot.


Discover the atypical journey of the creator of the brand.

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The designer

Johan Yvon, commonly known as JOH, continues his committed work to developing luxury brands. He is creator and designer of his own cosmetics and makeup brands as well as JOH Concept and Corner Stores, which are dedicated to 360-degree beauty and offer the full range of products celebrating French refinement. After opening the first North American medical spa in Canada, followed by a decade of work in professional makeup and cosmetic research, JOH established a team of high-performing professionals to design a world of his own creation, reflecting the spirit of the JOH brand with prestigious fashion houses, classic French expertise and refinement, high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Joh Couture Paris

Jean Flahaut started his career at the fashion house Lanvin where he worked with photographers and industry icons Mario Testino and Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Wanting to then pass down his knowledge and experience, he taught design at various fashion design schools. Jean became the exclusive designer for all JOH Couture Paris products, with former student Frédéric Grandchamp carrying the torch and joining him as a modelist. In addition to Jean’s class, Frédéric always trained at Maison Lesage. Drawing from his experience at major fashion houses, he is now an independent designer for a number of fashion brands and has recently become part of the JOH Couture Paris team.

In addition to the collections, JOH Couture Paris offers customized versions of all its products.

More than a brand, JOH is a state of mind.

For an interview or meeting, please contact us: rsvp@johanyvon.com

Last reviews

Elle est super fine et elle permet de ne pas briller
Suzie C.
Essential Serum
Essential Serum
Johan Yvon’s Age Defying Cream Serum is the ultimate serum and can be used on all skin types.  It improves epidermal texture, infuses the skin with 7 active ingredients that...
Peau impeccable et soyeuse
Depuis maintenant 2 ans j’utilise le matin et soir le sérum JOH. Ma peau a une apparence plus lisse et soyeuse. Mes pores sont...
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